Train with Terry Winter

An all new comprehensive approach to coaching.
Train with a professional coach all year round and understand slalom skiing at a new level.
Get access to Terry’s video library with a variety of specific coaching tips
as well as some impressive skiing.
Upload videos of your own skiing for Terry to provide you with coaching from afar,
or travel to sunny California and get on-site direct contact with your coach while enjoying
a phenomenal site.
A complete opportunity for coaching…  combine them all for the best possible results.Take advantage, enjoy, improve!

Become a Train with Terry Member

Get unlimited access to videos of one of the top slalom skiers in the world, his technique tips and him running the passes that you are trying to run.  Benefit your skiing, whether you’re just getting started on a slalom ski, you’re learning the course at 20mph longline, or you’re breaking into the shortest slalom line lengths.  Terry will show you his approach, how he does it and how you can improve.

  • Access any videos in the library at any time

  • View as many times as desired for not only reinforcement of the tip, but also for the visualization aspect of learning and improving

  • New videos continue to be added with old ones still being available

  • With your membership you can also enjoy a discounted rate on individualized coached videos as well as on-site training

  • Keep focus and continue training throughout the year, even when you can’t get on the water.
  • Ask Terry direct questions on the members only Q & A Forum, benefit from seeing other’s questions, participate in conversations and of course learn from Terry’s answers!

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Train with Terry through Video

Take your skiing to the next level with video coaching options. Get direct coaching feedback from Terry within your own video. Another fantastic tool to add to your arsenal for improving your skiing! Take advantage!

  • Reap the benefits of continued access to professional coaching
  • Take advantage of seeing your skiing being broken down and directly compared to one of the top skiers in the world
  • Gain the opportunity to check your progress in improvement and to stay on track with your focus
  • Build your own library of videos to go back to over and over again
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Test the newest products from D3 Skis, and learn about ski adjusting and set up to get the best performances out of your own ski.

  • Understand binding placement and how that affects your ski.
  • Learn the proper way to measure your ski’s binding placement and how to measure your ski’s fin.
  • Learn how to set up your ski’s fin to get the best performances and learn how to adjust your fin to get it completely dialed in for your style of skiing.

2023 D3 Slalom Ski Lineup