After 18 years of free skiing I found myself back chasing buoys during the summer of 2011, it’s been a good run, so far. I felt good about my progress over the first few years then hit a plateau, so I set out to find the right coach. Fortunately, about two years ago I connected with Terry Winter.

Terry possesses a very rare combination of skills. He’s an exceptional skier (Top 15 in the world rankings), a fantastic coach and a student of the game himself. Having been a professional athlete who tried his hand at coaching, I know these skills don’t always go hand in hand.

I’ve watched Terry work equally well with a woman just finding her way into the course, a Big Dawg skier working on his 41 off pass and me somewhere in the middle. I am stoked that Terry is bringing his collection of knowledge, expertise and passion for this sport to skiers of all abilities.

I spend plenty of time, energy and money enjoying skiing and trying to improve. I asked to be a member of Terry’s program as soon as it became available and have not looked back. It’s a no brainer.

-Jeff Volmrich