Side-by-Side Video Analysis


Side-by-Side Video Analysis. Compare your skiing, your exact passes (speed and rope lengths) to pro skier Terry Winter.

Want to see how your skiing technique compares to a pro? Terry will compare your passes next to his… same speed, same rope length, no matter where you’re at with your skiing. Your video will be split-screen next to Terry’s and Terry will break it all down and show you where you can improve. Slow motion, still-frame, and analytics. You’ll be able to see the difference and understand what you can be doing even better to take your skiing to a new level.


Train with Terry Member: $120
Non-Member: $135



Upload your video to YouTube and then E-mail Terry two to four passes, be sure to include one of your easier passes and one of your hardest passes or attempts at your hardest pass.

iPhone/iPad video is recommended.  If you don’t have a steady hand filmer available the Wakeye Video Camera Mount is a great option! Terry will take your video, add himself, include verbal coaching and detailed breakdowns and return your video to you for you.

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